Thursday, May 21, 2009


Slovenia is my home, it is where i was born and where i lived for all of my life. It is only 20.273 km2 big country but amazing country to see, so i want to write few words about it.

Slovenia facts:

capital: Ljubljana
highest montain: Triglav
language: Slovene
currency: Euro

If you had never visit Slovenia i recomened it for you. It is a great tourist destination. First of all Slovenia is a very green country, woods and forests are covering more then half of the country. With all of lakes, rivers, montains, caves, sea,... there is for sure a lot to see.

Some of the most know places in Slovenia:

Lake Bled, Postojna cave, Skocjan caves, Lipica, StudfarmMozirje, Ljubljana castle, Ptuj, Piran, Skofja Loka, Triglav,...

And there are many more beautiful things about Slovenia that you are more then welcome to add on this blog and help to promote this beautiful country what the slogan I FEEL SLOVENIA is all about.


  1. A big country, with a big people!!
    People only have to meet you for understand it and can affirm that you´re a big and special person.

    Have a good and happy life!

  2. Damm i am getting red here JEJE!Thank you! I do think many places around the world have so much to see and are almost a must to visit. And for those people that don't know Slovenia yet i want to write atleast few words about my country.

  3. slovenia my contry :))))) nice :))))

  4. O zivjo Beri lepa dezela domaca :)
    o hi Beri nice home country :)

  5. Hola, I am from Slovenia too. I think our country is beautiful - but usually we know that then we are visiting other countries and some home......and so happy when we see it again.
    We have everything - sea, mountains, cities, ranches, new arhitecture, old history buildings......
    Come and visit

  6. yes i miss it right now when i am in Usa so i am sending big hi to my home

  7. jov mala en lep pozdravček iz slovenije, kjer že sonček pridno sveti :)))

  8. hej sekica lepo te je videti tukaj
    lepo pozdravi Slovenijo zame

    say hi to Slovenia for me
    take care :)

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  10. kani thank you for visiting my blog :)

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